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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Political System's Manipulation of the Media

When a political party's propaganda against the media marginalizes the electorate, everyone should be outraged.  Unfortunately this is exactly what has been accentuated with the formation of the Tea Party, where one of their modus of operation has often been to run away from and/or ignore reporters and their questions.  It has even gone as far as a candidate refusing to debate before a general election, as seen in the last gubernatorial election of incumbent Gov. Rick Perry.

Everyone in the US should be outraged that the Republican/Tea Party thinks the media should coddle them the way Fox panders to them. Whenever Tea Party/Republicans are asked a probing or difficult question they complain about the fictional "liberal" media. This mischaracterization of the media is one of the most horrendous lies ever propagated on the American public. Fox and the Republican Party have abused journalistic standards by attempting to create “softball” forums where journalism does not exist and information and the truth are casualties to entertainment.  Journalism requires reporters to ask difficult questions so that the public is informed and elections have meaning.  A political system that manipulates journalistic standards and has contempt for the truth has stolen democracy from the electorate.  Sadly this is the current state of the American political system.  Any candidate, regardless of party, who directly answers a question, uninterrupted, and then complains about unfair journalism is not worthy of being elected.  Any show that interrupts or does not allow the interviewee to directly and honestly answer a question does a disservice to journalism and the American public.

Today Chris Wallace continued the political propaganda of labeling the media as “liberal” in criticizing Brian Williams for his moderation of the GOP debate.  The remark that Chris Wallace and Bernie Goldberg took exception to was Brian Williams' question to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.  Brian Williams asked if Rick Perry “struggled to sleep at night” wondering if he had ever executed an innocent person in his state.  On “Fox and Friends” Chris Wallace said that Goldberg was “spot on” for criticizing the question as having a liberal bias.  This behavior by Chris Wallace and Brian Goldberg on the O’Reilly Factor shows contempt for journalism and a disregard for an informed American public.  It is an attempt by the Fox organization and the Republican party to castrate American journalism and the goal is to prevent an informed electorate.       

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