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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Does the Tea Party/Republican Economic Policy Include You?

Interpreting the widespread political actions supported by the Republican/Tea Party and the refusal of those funding the party to reverse the Bush Tax Cuts despite our immense debt burden:

I am not an economist, but this is what I am seeing. For the last 20 years there has been a shift in the economic power from industrialized nations to those considered emerging markets. The wealthy realize that the US consumer is no longer going to be able to purchase products cheaply from the rest of the world and will have to begin manufacturing goods instead. However, the cost of labor in the US is currently too high for companies to make an obscenely large margin of profit.  Therefore, there is a concerted effort by organizations supported by the Koch brothers to set up the framework to destroy the middle class. 

They are doing this by supporting state governors and legislatures that are destroying unions, starting with public workers' unions, weakening child labor laws (increase the labor pool by bringing in younger workers), and destroying social security (increase the labor pool by bringing in older workers). In addition they are working to disenfranchise the poor in multiple states by making it more difficult to register to vote.   This of course limits opposition against their policies from the poor and the middle class.

Currently the Republican/Tea Party wants to cut entitlements such as social security instead of increasing revenue by rolling back the Bush Tax Cuts so that when the opportune time for investment occurs, they will be able to profit immensely. (at your and my expense of course)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Will Rick Perry's Texas Strategy Work On The National Stage?

Today's political campaigns are covered by the media, documented by youtube videos, tweeted, found on Facebook, and covered on blogs.  With campaigns capable of 24/7 propaganda and the media's ever present microphones and cameras following politicians, the American public should have a greater understanding and knowledge of the politician, his character and policies than anytime in history.  Unfortunately this is not true and it cheapens our democracy.

If you have seen Rick Perry communicate since declaring his presidential ambitions you know Rick's swagger, his hyperbole in describing the actions of the Federal Reserve as treasonous, and his brash and flippant attack on the scientific community are part of his persona.  

Presidential candidates running this style of campaign without serious substantive explanations and citations justifying their harsh criticism are using an irresponsible, reckless rhetoric.  It is the responsibility of reporters and journalists to demand a prompt explanation from the candidate.  A serious Presidential candidate would provide his/her explanation immediately following serious accusations against individuals and communities so the accused could respond promptly.  Ignoring reporters and refusing to clarify accusations while running for a public office shows blatant disrespect not only to the accused but to his electorate.  This is a disservice to voters and cheapens our democracy.  

Rick Perry's Texas strategy of governing and communicating with his electorate includes refusing to answer questions at a 2010 National Conference of Editorial Writers in Dallas.  This prompted an open letter from Tom Waseleski to Gov. Perry, admonishing him for blatantly ignoring reporters' questions and prompted his 2010 gubernatorial challenger, Bill White, to remark, "A room full of informed questioners is career politician Rick Perry's worst nightmare."  This type of political strategy has shown to result in voter's remorse as seen by Rick Scott's disastrous approval ratings soon after being elected Governor of Florida.

Unfortunately, Gov. Rick Perry's atrocious strategy of ignoring his electorate by refusing to field reporters' questions doesn’t stop there; as governor he refused to participate in the 2010 Texas gubernatorial debates despite requests from his opponents.  Gov. Rick Perry is now among the front-runners of the GOP presidential candidates, and as such it is time for him to abandon his Texas Strategy of bravado and showing contempt for his electorate.  His persona is neither Presidential nor will it strengthen a country trying to regain its footing after one of the greatest financial catastrophe's in our history.    

As to the question, "Will Rick's Texas strategy work for the rest of the US?", hopefully the electorate will remember the remark of a very similar Texan politician, George W Bush:  
"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." 

It has been 7 days since Gov. Rick Perry made unsubstantiated accusations against unnamed climate scientists.  Gov. Perry we are waiting for you to address the veracity of your accusations.