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Sunday, June 3, 2012

What happened to 21st Century Civil and Human Rights in the United States?


Required of the first African American President, to validate his presidency.
Required of minority voters in republican controlled states to show they are citizens in order to vote.  RIGHT before the election.

It is time for America to put disenfranchisement and rac1sm to bed. 

Here is the paradox for white lower and middle class republican voters:  Do you buy into the racially charged propaganda of the republican party and vote against your own economic interests?  To put it frankly:  Will you vote to economically enslave your descendants to the likes of the Koch Brothers and their kin?  How?  When you vote for today's republican you are voting to diminish your retirement (possibly to the economic detriment of your children), you are making it more difficult for your children to purchase health care (most likely due to no fault of their own), you are weakening child labor laws, and you are diminishing your children's ability to fight for a living wage.  If you are doing this under the promise of the "American Dream", you are creating a nightmare for your descendants.

Don't base your votes on Soundbites provided and paid for by billionaires (made possible by Super Pacs)!  They are willing to spend hundreds of millions on adds to convince you to vote for "their candidates"  in the hopes that these politicians will fight to lower wages for your descendants, making their multimillion dollar investment pay off!