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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Does the Tea Party/Republican Economic Policy Include You?

Interpreting the widespread political actions supported by the Republican/Tea Party and the refusal of those funding the party to reverse the Bush Tax Cuts despite our immense debt burden:

I am not an economist, but this is what I am seeing. For the last 20 years there has been a shift in the economic power from industrialized nations to those considered emerging markets. The wealthy realize that the US consumer is no longer going to be able to purchase products cheaply from the rest of the world and will have to begin manufacturing goods instead. However, the cost of labor in the US is currently too high for companies to make an obscenely large margin of profit.  Therefore, there is a concerted effort by organizations supported by the Koch brothers to set up the framework to destroy the middle class. 

They are doing this by supporting state governors and legislatures that are destroying unions, starting with public workers' unions, weakening child labor laws (increase the labor pool by bringing in younger workers), and destroying social security (increase the labor pool by bringing in older workers). In addition they are working to disenfranchise the poor in multiple states by making it more difficult to register to vote.   This of course limits opposition against their policies from the poor and the middle class.

Currently the Republican/Tea Party wants to cut entitlements such as social security instead of increasing revenue by rolling back the Bush Tax Cuts so that when the opportune time for investment occurs, they will be able to profit immensely. (at your and my expense of course)

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