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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The US. Soviet Union, Human Rights, and Privacy (PRISM, SNOWDEN, and LIES)

Twenty years ago, when reading about the methods used by the Soviet Union to suppress dissidents and political opposition including but not limited to substantial reliance upon informants, I wondered what the other super power did to investigate and intimidate unwanted political opposition and dissidents. 

Today it is clear that the ability of the Untied States to infiltrate the privacy of anyone is almost unlimited. It has never been easier. Simultaneously, the ability of the wealthy and powerful to gain political power and leverage has never been greater, thanks in part to Citizens United.

Under the current political environment in the US, a judicial system in which laws are blatantly broken by powerful institutions and violations ignored by our Department of Justice, our political system is ripe for powerful suppression of rights and liberties of its people.

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